What the fuck is the pope talking about?

The vatican has a youtube channel.

In the video below, posted on the vatican youtube channel on 2 August 2012, the pope asks for guidance from god.

FFS! The pope is supposed to be the vicar of christ on earth!  If he can’t know what god’s message is then how (on earth) is prayer going to help us?

I despair!

But here is the challenge.  WTF is the pope talking about in this video?

Seriously!  What is his message?

?  “prayer is a necessary means of salvation”?  – where in the bible does it say that?

?  “we need to pray at every time in life”?  but “especially in times of difficulty”?  Which is it?

If anyone can make sense of this diatribe please let me know.

If it helps, here is the description to the video …

“”We must always knock at the door of the Lord with confidence, knowing that He cares for all His children.” This was the invitation of the Pope in the catechesis at today’s General Audience, which was held in the Freedom Plaza at Castel Gandalfo. To the 1500 faithful present, Pope Benedict presented the teaching on prayer of St. Alphonsus Liguori, who the Church remembers today. The founder of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer describes prayer as “a necessary means to obtain salvation and the graces we need to achieve it.” And so we must pray in every situation in life, and especially in times of difficulty and trial. The Pope reminded the faithful that the Lord invites us “not to be afraid t …”

Good luck!

PS.  If you are seriously going to attempt to answer this question, namely “why does the pope have to pray for guidance from god”, please do not omit from your comment/observation the answer to this question  – why can’t god just tell him?

Why does the vicar of christ on earth have to pray for guidance?  What is wrong with god’s communication skills?  He/she/it created everything?  But will only communicate through the rather inadequate and uncertain medium of prayer?

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2 Responses to What the fuck is the pope talking about?

  1. Even if I had as many arms as shiva or kali, I still don’t think i could face palm enough times for this. Great post DPR.

  2. Why is that every single religious channel on youtube that I have seen censors or bans comments.

    Are they really so scared of trolls and other truth speakers? Anyone want to point out an atheist channel that blocks comments or censors heavily?

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